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Vinyl Washers for Glass Installation (Standard Cap)

Vinyl Washers for Glass Installation (Standard Cap)

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If you are installing  glass using any of our standard caps and barrels, you will want these nylon washers.  Washers go on top of barrels, and under caps.  This allows you to tighten your cap without putting pressure directly on the glass.

All washers listed have a 5/16" inner diameter to fit over any of our standard studs. When installing glass, be sure to pick up installation bushings along with your washers to complete the installation package.

Washers are sold individually.  Please note that you will need (2) washers per installation point.  When using low-profile caps, select washers in the Low Profile section.

Please select the diameter of your barrel in order to pick the correct washer.

Not for use with low profile caps.

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