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Z-Clip Mounting System

Z-Clip Mounting System

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The Z-Clip is a mounting hardware component that is sold in two ways: a single 72" stick (HD-ZCLIP-72) and ad a pair of 2" long clips (HD-ZCLIP-2).

These Z- Clips are a great mounting solution as they securely hang items flush to the wall with an easy to use Z- shaped clip. The clips interlock together to hold panels in place.This product is to be used when an installer wishes to have hidden mounting components. This product is also a great solution for an LED standoff system when using a stacked installation design or backer board to hide wires.

HD-ZCLIP-72 This 72 inch x 1.375 inch aluminum cleat features nine holes for #8 screws pre-punched 8 inches apart on center. The first hole on each side is 4 inches on center from the end. ** Requires special packing and shipping.  Contact Us for pricing before ordering **

HD-ZCLIP-2  This 2 inch x 1.375 inch aluminum cleat features two staggered holes #8 screws pre-punched 1.375 inches apart on center. This product is sold as a pair.

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